SMB & Enterprises


Small business owners face a wide variety of challenges due to the recent COVID19 situation, including insufficient tech support for WFH employees, balancing the quality of service and communication for their remote employees. Here at  24Seven will provide all the solutions required for SMBs to successfully achieve the quality of results that they want.  24Seven also offers SMBs and Enterprises the opportunity to benefit from the highest quality tech service without the painful hiring process.

Remote Employee

Part of today’s “New Normal” is employees spending more time working from home.  The challenge for SMBs and Enterprises is to provide its employees with adequate support. Our team is always at hand to make that process smooth and headache-free

Employee Tech Issues

There is a significant drop in WFH Employee performance and this is largely due to spending an unreasonable amount of time dealing with tech issues.  Let our experts here at 24Seven provide SLA support that you need to improve productivity.